Easily Edit and Update Your Business Information

It is as simple as updating any online profile to update your web site text and information. What to change your phone number it only take a minute? Are you on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin? Just add the linkw and it will add the social networking buttons to the web site. Plus, add QR codes to your business location and your contact information.

Add Your Products

Put your list of products on your site with prices, descriptions, and pictures. The web site will make a seperate page for each product.

Add Your Services

Let people know about all of the services your business or company offers. You can include price, descriptions, picutres and even a YouTube video if you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can add frequently asked questions in to your site that will help answer common questions that you your or your employees answer regularly. This is a great time saver for your business. Plus, many people shop the Interent at night when your business may be closed.

Add Current News

Add current news for your industry or for your area. It helps to make your web site both a resource and place that people will visit again. Plus, these news items can start showing up in the search results.

Create a Blog

Add a simple blog about your industry or ideals. You can add one picture, one embedded YouTube video and one link to each blog. Plus, details such as the authors name, an address and more.

Show Your Photos in the Photo Gallery

You can easily add up to 20 pictures with titles and descriptions. The photos are clickable and popup in a light box.

Offer Specials and Coupons

Easily add and edit specials to your site. Have as many specials as you like. Give coupon codes for your web site visitors to redeem at your business.

Simple Contact Form

The contact form will allow customers to fill it out and send you information without having to use their email client.

Legal Page

Add items such as your terms of service and your privacy policy here.

Full Featured Website System

As little as $29 a month includes an Updatable Business Web Site, With Easy to Use Administration Panel, Social Networking Links, Web Hosting, Email Forwarding, and Web Stats. This system is expandable to keep visitors coming back to your site.